The Music of Moby-Dick

by Ezekiel Fry

There are loads of songs inspired by great works of fiction. Hell, there are even bands that have taken on the name of a particular book, poem, or whatever. As an official Whale nut I am always interested in music, art, and film that arises from Moby-Dick. There has never been (and I firmly believe there never will be) a decent film adaptation of the book, and I have already discussed some great artwork of “The Whale,” (see here) but there are a number of songs that capture certain aspects of the book that I have yet to put forward. As the case usually is, some work better than others. This is, of course, as subjective an analysis as you could ever hope (or fear) to encounter. I’ll leave the judgement of these songs up to you, but here are three of my favorites. (Note: the final song is my personal favorite.)

So there you have it. Three very different (and yet strangely similar) takes on that “devil of a book” that still captures the particular lunacies dwelling in so many of our minds. Please feel free to add your own findings on Moby-Dick: The Musical! (Which sounds like it would probably be a pretty rad endeavor in and of itself.)